Southern Cross

by Celestial Navigation

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The debut album from Celestial Navigation was recorded in a log cabin nestled in the woods of the North Cascade foothills. Somel's compositions blend elements of jazz, rock, classical, reggae, and avant-garde. All the sounds are organic, mainly acoustic. Piano, Upright Bass, and Drums were recorded live. Featuring passionate violin solos, elaborate time changes, complex harmony and existential lyrics; the music transports the listener to another time and place.


released December 7, 2015

Didem Somel - Composition, Piano, Vocals, Violin, Viola, Cello, Rhodes, and Mandolin
Glen Anderson- Double Bass and Sage
Robby Albrecht - Drums, Engineering/Production, Vibes, Vocals, Mandolin, and Guitars.

Bill Simpkins - Mastering at Alpenglow Sound, Bellingham
Şule Köken - Vocals on Southern Cross and O An
Jay Roberts - Guitar on Ace
M.K. Albrecht (Prescribed Rhythms) - Rap on Super State
Gökhan Somel - Special Thanks for recording Şule's vocals in Ankara, Turkey, advice, and support.

Recorded and Mixed at Audio Art

Nocturnal Records

In Loving Memory of Ayten Somel and Riky Albrecht



all rights reserved


Celestial Navigation Bellingham, Washington

Celestial Navigation is the musical exploration of Didem Somel, Glen Anderson, and Robby Albrecht. On a quest to strip away the mundane and frivolous; Celestial Navigation seeks to chart new musical waters on the wind and waves of harmony.

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Track Name: Southern Cross (MH370)
No one knows
Passengers vanish
Life is that short
You never know what
Last sight will be
Searching, searching waters
Searching, don't give up searching

-- Repeats in Turkish
Track Name: O An (That Moment)
Five A.M.
Summer heat
Magic strikes
Hearing a song
Staring eyes
Go and fall
On the high

Across the sea
Orca stands
My flower heart
Changing it's hue
Hold my breath
Passing by
Free and calm
Saying, "Hi!"

Rimless sea on
High tide now
Sailing, blazing sun
Find my freedom
Shadows gone
Moonlight, endless space

Free fall into
Future whole
Earth and sea
Find my freedom
Shadows gone
Moonlight, endless space

This is it
Place within
Matching the scene
Love burns out
All my pain
Sacred space
Where I am

Free fall into
Future whole
Earth and sea
Find my freedom
Shadows gone
Moonlight, endless space
Track Name: Red Giving
Place called, here and now
Self is alive, dream is on
Light of secret, pulsations
Dancing here now
My journey is on
Took my chance
To golden climb
- Garden Love

Space time, here and now
Future past void, obsolete
Decisions thoughts, based in fear
Maybe in love
Desires disguised
Take a chance
To golden climb
- Garden Love

Here Now
All we have
Love Star
Giant Red
Real Peace
Armor goes
Here now
Know yourself...
Track Name: Super State
Sail, timeless
Through the islands and stars
High mountains
Shadow of Jah, calling
Journey to, loving home
Come from afar
Find my peace
Super State
Nature grand
Twelve men are strong
For the win

Welcome to my Super State
Where I recuperate
Good weather and the food is great
Got the sockeye salmon
I don't want your New York steak
Got the best jamming
and we're smoking on the super dank
The stuff that's grown
on the west of the Cascade mountains
The desert in the east and the islands west
We just trying to live in peace
Guns and violence is a mess
When I turned five we moved from Minneapolis
So here's where my heart grew
The rain and the clouds yea
That's nothing to argue
'Cause Cali got a drought
and Florida's getting flooded
So here I'll live it out from the valley that is Sudden
Right by the lake living good in my home
In my Super Sate

Home sweet, lush green
In our love, Super State
Track Name: Ace (of Hearts)
Riky - why’d you have to part early ? And leave us
Tricky - was the way that you ran on - with the world
Crazy - was the love that you knew of - as a child
Black Tar - burns on silver tin foil - kill the pain

Fare Thee Well
You will stay - in our hearts
Peace, so long - can’t let you go
Ace of Hearts
Slide Off the Chart

Prince of - Tiger Mountain the big wild - on the high
Soaring - angels lift you on love wings - you can fly
Rockin’ - through the fog the haze - form the beat
Grateful - for the time we had here - meet again

Fare Thee Well
You will stay - in our hearts
Peace, so long - can’t let you go
Ace of Hearts
Slide Off the Chart